Yamashita kogei

Yamashita kogei

Bamboo craft brand that complies with the high quality of craftsmen and products

Creating bamboo crafts for modern lifestyle while maintaining the tradition

Yamashita Kogei Inc., based in in Oita Prefecture, manufactures and sells traditional bamboo crafts. Here, products made by craft workers are not simply sold in the market. The craftsmen possess excellent knowledge about the industry and are intensively taught about the fabric of bamboo making. Based on this knowledge, orders are made according to what kind of goods and what level of quality is expected from the hardworking artisans.

Products that satisfy the market needs are skillfully matched with the individual craftsman’s technique resulting, therefore, to an amazing bamboo product line. It is often said that there is no doubt when it comes to Yamashita Kogei products; likewise, enormous trust is also placed on the superior craftsmen, which sums up the essence of this leading brand.

The merit and demerits of using bamboo are widely known, and apparently come to mind when conceiving of product ideas for modern living. The bamboo material can be conceptualized in the traditional way of weaving, shaped as a piece of art, or devised as a lamp shade, maximizing the exceptional features of flexibility and strength. From Yamashita Kogei’s remarkable brainpower and the superlative skill of its craftsmen, beautiful and easy-to-use bamboo craft products are borne.


The raw material used for bamboo craftwork comes naturally from bamboo forests, that Yamashita Kogei president constantly exerts great efforts to nourish in order to develop new bamboo products. “Bamboo trees grow very rapidly, so much so that the bamboo forest becomes inevitably neglected and consequently erodes the entire forest. In order to protect the environment of undeveloped woodlands and forests, it is necessary to progressively develop products utilizing the abandoned bamboo forests that increasingly spread all over the country,” the president remarks. One project to promulgate this is the manufacture of bamboo chopsticks to utilize neglected bamboos.

In view of regenerating the bamboo forests, the process of making bamboo chopsticks is the same as creating bamboo baskets. Developing bamboo for product use requires a long process. First, bamboo is cut, then boiled. Then, it is laid out under the sun to dry for about a month and a half. The dried bamboo is split open one by one, and finished properly according to the craftsman’s expertise to make easy-to-use bamboo chopsticks.

It is not enough reason to possess the natural material that can be familiarly held by one’s hands for a single moment. The dedicated craftsmen pursue to create individualized “my chopsticks” in order to fulfill the essential objective to use bamboo crafts for everyday life, and therefore, nurture the profound desire to protect the natural environment.

“It is not right just to merely protect the tradition. In order to preserve and sustain the ongoing production of ​​traditional crafts, new things must always be conceived,” the president of Yamashita Kogei states. He constantly strives to contemplate on Beppu bamboo craft's future and perseveres to propagate the intricate charm of new bamboo products.

(Buyer’s Voice):

Positive attitude and advanced disposition to develop new things

When I met the president of Yamashita Kogei, I thought that he is so enthusiastic and passionate about studying things. That stark impression has not changed till today. He has been actively involved in the world of traditional crafts for a long time and has also invested a wide range of valuable experiences, but there is no other more determined person who possesses a powerful drive to obtain vast information about new initiatives and phenomena than him.

The company tries its best to boost the bamboo craft industry by sprinkling various novel ideas and plans especially on the minds of craftsmen who cannot yet work on new things, and support them to be emphatically involved more actively. I believe that a wide range of products is borne from this important strategy, and stretches far beyond the usual image of bamboo crafts. This justly serves as the company’s appeal that is positively conveyed to the world.

Yamashita kogei CEO Mr.yamashita xJapanese crafts matsuzawa @beppu city

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